Chapter 13, Spread a Little God…

Chapter 13

“You are the light of the world.  A city set on a mountain cannot be  hidden.  Nor do they light a lamp and then put it under a bushel basket;   it is set on a lampstand, where it gives light to all  in the house. Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.”

Matthew 5: 14-16

Can you see Christ in her eyes?  He is smiling right through them.

Can you see Christ in her eyes? He is smiling right through them.


Hey God,

 It’s me Lori,

Please let others see Christ in my eyes today!


Spread a Little God…

Sometimes when I am running pushing my son Jake in his running stroller he asks me, “Mom why did you say good morning to that person, you know him?”  I always tell him, “Jake I’m just spreading a little God around”.  I think about that statement often when I am running especially in very crowded parks.  I don’t know if you have ever visited Louisville, KY before if you have not you should.  Yes, I am a hometown girl but let me tell you the people here are so friendly.  When you start to run the camaraderie is amazing.  From our Derby Festival’s mini marathon where people line the streets of the race throughout at least 10 of the 13.1 mile route just to cheer you on no matter who you are, to the small parks where people love to run you will find a runners camaraderie.

So many people today wear their ipods and earphones which makes it  difficult to say “Hi”.  I try to do it anyway.  It is like people even among many strangers sometimes want to be alone.  I understand that and I don’t want to disturb that but I will say “Hi”  or “Good Morning”.  I love to find someone who looks as though they are struggling or doing excellent and be that voice of encouragement or amazement.  Once I was on my 3rd mile and I was feeling beat in the hot sun pushing that stroller and a car drove by the driver shouted out the window “you can do it Mama”.  Well that voice whether it was sincere or not got me moving faster.  In the past I was a little shy and would never wave to a stranger on the street.  Then I started walking with a great friend of mine, Monika, and she waved or said “Hi” to everyone.  I finally asked her very annoyed “Why do you do that?”  Her reply was “That’s what your suppose to do when you see someone.  Didn’t you know that?”

You can’t imagine how much courage it took for me to muster up my first “Hi” to a person in the neighborhood.  Now 7 years later I say it anytime I am outside walking or running.  It makes you feel so good.  When I run I say to myself  “OK it’s time to spread a little God.”

God wants us to evangelize.  I gave a speech on Evangelization for a retreat, I love doing speeches about God it’s as though the Holy Spirit works through my words and it is a powerful experience. I had to study an outline and do a little sould searching.  I always believed the “E” word meant you had to tell people all about God and the Bible and your religion.  Well I was not about to do that.  We all know the rule, you do not talk about politics or religion unless you are among good friends not with strangers.  Well I was not about to change that rule.  In my reading of the gospels and interviewing a few people in my Church on how they view serving others I was struck that the “E” word is most effective when one does not use words but rather actions.  We have an article in our quarterly newsletter for our parish called “The Steward’s Corner”.  The Stewardship Committee picks a person that not everyone knows and I conduct an intereview and then write an article about his/her stewardship.  Through these interviews I really came to know evangelization in an entirely different fashion.  Nobody preached the scriptures or thumped the Bible to me.  They just told me their stories.  That’s all evangelization is sharing your personal story with others.  There is an excellent quote I love “Preach the gospel. Use words when neccessary.”- St. Francis of Assisi

I see the actions all around me everyday through small acts of kindness.  The smallest gestures in the grocery store.  When a person says “Excuse me” when they pass me with their cart in a tight aisle.  When a motorist allows you to merge into heavy traffic.  When someone just acknowledges that you are there by smiling.  I am sure you do these things with no second thought.  Just imagine if you and thousands of others really think every morning “How am I going to spread a little God today?”  If you walked out your door into your day with that idea how much better would your day go?  Try it tomorrow morning.  Heck you can try it when you finish reading this.

You may never know what that smile on your face will do for a stranger.  Some people are lost and feel completely alone in this life and your smile could be the presence of God they need, if only for a second, you will have changed a stranger’s life.  Do you ever think to yourself wow that was a great server or how nice that person at the grocery store was to help me out?  There are many times I have felt like saying, “thanks so much for caring”.  In the past I felt that it would not be acceptable in our society to say it.  Well I don’t think my life should be based completely on how society views my actions.  It is more important to me that I do what is right in God’s eyes and from my heart than the socially acceptable thing to do.  If you always followed society where would you be?  If you follow what is right and good from your heart then know you are doing the right thing.  I try not to live my life to be accepted by others. I try to live my life to live out the purpose God put me here for.  One of the parts of  His purpose for my life I believe is TO SPREAD A LITTLE GOD in this insane world of ours.

How will you feel?  How good will your kids feel?  How empowering is it to do God’s will?  Find out today for yourself and SPREAD A LITTLE GOD!

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