Chapter 14 – God has called me, He is calling you…

 The Summons

Will you come and follow me If I but call your name?

Will you go where you don’t know and never be the same?

Will you let my love be shown, Will you let my life be grown In you and you in me?

Will you leave yourself behind if I but call your name?

Will you care for cruel and kind and never be the same?

Will you risk the hostile stare Should your life attract or scare?

Will you let me answer prayer in you and you in me?

Will you love the ‘you’ you hide I if but call your name?

Will you quell the fear inside and never be the same?

Will you use the faith you’ve found To reshape the world around, Through my sight and touch and sound In you and you in me?

Lord, your summons echoes true When you but call my name.  Let me turn and follow you and never be the same.  In your company I’ll go Where your love and footsteps show.

Thus I’ll move and live and grow in you and you in me.

Used with permission of GIA Publications, Inc., Music: Tradition Scottish Melody



God has called me to love every picture my children create for me.  Spencer drew these mountains just for his mom, that's ME

God has called me to love every picture my children create for me. Spencer drew these mountains just for his mom, that's ME


Hey God, It’s me Lori, 

Please help me to hear your call and answer it. 

 I am only a vessel use me however you have planned to do so.

God has called me and He is calling you…

No I have never heard a thundering, booming voice or even a little whisper in my ear saying, “Lori here is what you’re going to do for me.”  Maybe what I feel is being spoken to me through God sounds a lot like my own voice in my head because it does.  However, I know with conviction through ideas I did not have before, sequences of events and people God has placed in my life some of what my calling is today.  It is constantly growing and changing.  I felt that from a young age.   I wanted to write so that I could let others see from a different view point.  I remember telling my dad that people did not have to agree with what I would write.  That I could make them think differently, if only for a moment.  I also know that I wanted to help people somehow but I had no idea how I would do it.  My main goal in life was always to be married and be a MOM.  I had no doubt that’s what I was here for.

Overtime I think God called me not to change my calling but to grow within it.  Not only am I a Mom that stays at home.  I also serve at my children’s school as the coordinator of a service learning program for grades preK-8th.  I love to help with service.  I have also directed some very powerful and life changing retreats at our Church.  My attitude changed about Church the people of Christ 6 years ago when I read the “Joshua” book series. It altered my way of thinking.  I just wanted to give and that’s when it all started.  I never wanted to speak in public since then I have given 9 speeches, 2 in front of my entire parish, 1 in front of a different parish.  Like I said earlier I feel like the Holy Spirit just comes to me and works right through me.  It is a passion I have to give what I am to others.  I like to give what I have but more importantly I like to give who I am away!

It is not easy being a mom in this world especially if you stay at home and especially if you work outside the home.  Regardless, being a mom is a tiring job and many times, for many years very thankless.  Sometimes it is a constant grind; it’s easy to get into a gray rut.  That is why meeting your needs are so important.  You need to keep your body, mind, soul and relationships balanced to be able to find out what God is calling you to do.  If you are so down on yourself because you need to lose weight or you are depressed because of a relationship then you are probably not listening for a call from God.  You are just trying to get through the day. 

First thing you need to do is try to get all those needs in check not big steps just little ones.  Go to bed early and make time even on your lunch break to take a short walk, when you are walking do it alone and say a little prayer to God.  These things will put you in a better mood to talk with your spouse or children.  It all trickles down you know!

You can even try it right now.  Find a quiet spot.  Close your eyes and just be alone.  It will take awhile before you can stop thinking about what you have to do next and tonight and tomorrow etc..  Then just talk to God for a bit.  Reintroduce yourself to Him.  Tell Him how you feel right now.  Tell Him what you want.  Do you want happiness or peace?  Do you want a better relationship with your spouse or children?  Do you want to better yourself?  Just give yourself some time with God alone to reflect.

Now that you have done that plan to do it daily.  That is prayer.  That is connecting with God.  The better your relationship becomes with God the more clear your purpose and calling will become to you.  It doesn’t happen over night especially if you have to dust off your old habits of not talking to God at all.  Everything is a work in progress.  However, if you take the time to try it over and over again you will feel His presence and you will find your way.  It’s that simple.  There are many guides you can use to help find your way to peace and tranquility but I think the shortest distance is through God. 

He is waiting for you.  You see God never left you.  He will wait forever to hear from you.

If you have never left His side you probably already know what he wants from you.  Just reconfirm it each day by continuing to pray to Him. 

If you know much about the Catholic Faith you know that many lay people, people of the Church, non-clergy, have this sense that the priest should be held up on high.  Well I had that idea in my head until a few years ago.  Our priest is great he allows the spirit to work through me in my endeavors to help others at our parish and school.  He never tries to control my ideas he just encourages my passion and zest for life.  Once I really started to know him I realized God did not make him higher than me. God just called us in different directions.  I told him this the other day.  I am known for my direct candor.  I said, “I don’t think you are better than me or that I am better than you.  I just think God called you to be a priest to teach the world about Christ.  God called me to be a Mom and to spread Christ’s love that way.”  He replied, “I have been trying to tell people that for years.  They keep putting me on a pedestal and I keep trying to get off it.”  To which I responded, “It is good to get kicked off sometimes I need that also, although I don’t often get put up on a pedestal.”  My point of course is that God calls us all to different vocations in this world.  Some people do not realize this.

Just remember no vocation is any less important than any other.  We are many parts but we are all one body.  God gives us differrent talents and paths in life to follow.  No path is less important than the next they are all leading us to God if you choose the path that leads to God.  He does give us the freedom of choice.  Free will, God leaves it all up to us.  Isn’t that amazing He created us with a purpose and yet we can refuse to even search for that purpose in life.  We can choose to ignore His presence and go an entirely different direction.  Yet He loves us no matter what we choose.  That is truly unconditional love. 

What have you chosen?  Have you chosen to ignore God’s call or have you been too busy lately to try to hear it?  I think we all get caught up in life and when we stop and pause to take a breath and re evaluate it’s then when we listen again. 

In it all He is there…and He is calling each of us…we just need to listen…

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