Children’s Feet, July 2 Daily Reflection

Kid's feet

Dirty old shoes, climbing, tip toeing, reaching, stretching and in constant motion are children’s feet. Children are always in motion, it’s natural and normal, they are trying to discover and understand the world. They want to seek out every question, turn over every rock, touch everything they see, to feel it and be a part of it all.

As adults we say “See with your eyes not your hands”! Truly, that is like asking a butterfly to stop flying. Our children learn in a tangible way in all situations but for whatever “adult” reason we stunt that growth. Why do we feel the need to control and change that? Is it really because we are trying to keep them safe from being harmed or because we don’t want to break other people’s possessions? If we held it and let them touch it couldn’t they explore more things in this world? If we took the time to explore together instead of “get through” the new area without breaking something. As adults we just don’t have time to look at and hold every item and answer every question, do we? 

Our children are on their tip toes in life for only a little while reaching, searching, touching and exploring the world maybe we should let their learning inconvenience our lives just a bit. Maybe as adults it shouldn’t be all about getting things done but letting our children learn new ideas through discovering them together. Yes, it is quicker to walk passed things and to not answer their thousand questions but what happens when they stop asking the questions because we stopped answering them? Take the time to let your child explore and ask, let them be children and let us make the priority in our lives to truly be their first hands on teachers.

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