Christ Like, September 2, 2015 Daily Reflection

Serving others

Serving others

Yesterday was my first class back in my new course. I truly enjoy reading, learning, processing, and then sharing in an open forum with my classmates. We discussed rules, morals, ethics, spirituality and so much more. We discussed how people get caught up in the rules and forget the bigger picture. How everything should lead us back to the example of Jesus Christ in the scriptures. That our choices not only effect our lives but others as well. When we love someone we want to please them. As children we wanted to please our parents, and hopefully we still want to. As children of God we want to please our heavenly father by following his example of unconditional love. We don’t want to follow the rules because they are rules. We want to labor with Jesus Christ in the vineyards of our own lives, sowing the seeds of his good news. Praying that the love we are given by God will fill our lives and we in turn can love others as fully as we are loved.

Being Christ like is not just following the rules and looking like Jesus Christ, but following his life, example, and becoming his disciples in the world today.

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