Christmas Eve, December 24 Daily Reflection

Santa Claus

Twas the day before Christmas and the kids woke up so excited they might possibly burst. They opened their last advent calendar door to reveal the manager scene. They hung their last advent tree ornament which of course was Santa Claus. They are counting down the hours until his magic sleigh lands upon our roof with the sounds of bells and each little hoof. They have picked out the cookies we made from scratch the perfect combination for the Santa’s treat. The stockings have been emptied from the St. Nick treats to make room for Christmas Day. The energy level is high and the anticipation is off the charts.

My children know that Christmas Day is about the Birth of Baby Jesus and they will celebrate it in Church and at home with scripture readings and placing Jesus in His manager. However, Christmas Eve for a child in their innocence, curiosity and pure belief is filled with thoughts of Santa Claus. A man with joy in his heart, giving from his bag of goodies and reindeer flying through the night sky to share toys with all the good little boys and girls. They are celebrating the simple joy of our culture not screaming gimme in a store filled with strangers but cozy around a fireplace, or next to a Christmas tree curled up with family reading the Night before Christmas. They will be tucked into bed unable to close their eyes but trying with all of their will power to fall asleep fast. It will be the longest night of the year and the earliest morning of ours.

So this day enjoy their childhood, their excitement and enthusiasm. Encourage their joy talk about the spirit of Christmas about that jolly old Saint Nicholas but also talk to them about the birth of a little baby boy, the savior of our world; Jesus Christ. Have a blessed Christmas Eve and an early Christmas morning to you all!

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