Christmas in American Culture, December 15 Daily Reflection

Oma's Christmas Tree

Busy, busy, busy…we are decorating, listening to Christmas carols, we are shopping, buying gifts of all sizes, bumping into people frantic to find that perfect gift, we are baking dozens of Christmas cookies to give out to friends and have ready for our Christmas parties, we are scheduling babysitters for all the parties we will attend, we are stressing over all we have to do to prepare for Christmas, busy, busy, busy.

The face of our culture shifts ever so slightly at the onset of December from; what can I do for me to what can I buy for them. It is a season of purchasing for others and dressing up our homes with holiday cheer. It is fun and festive yet stressful and at times overwhelming. In the middle of it all we seem to lose the purpose for this season. Yes, Santa Claus is awesome; he gives toys, laughter, merriment and kindness to children all over the world. He is generous and filled with joy. However, without the birth of Christ there would be no St. Nicholas at all. If it were not for that little baby boy born in a stable over 2000 years ago Christmas would not exist.

We don’t need to stop the shopping, cancel the parties or take down the decorations to take a solemn moment to thank God for giving us His only Son so that we might someday be graced with the salvation of Heaven. We need only to focus on the purpose behind the generosity, the celebration and the merriment of this wonderful season. Encourage your little ones to put the cookies out for Santa and to make gifts for their sisters and brothers. Decorate your house so that others know you believe in Christmas. Celebrate with family and friends this highlight of our year together with kindness, good food and lots of cheer. God wants us to enjoy life and to celebrate Christmas. Just don’t forget in all of the celebration and preparation that the origin is held within the birth of the Son of God.

Celebrate, Rejoice and tell your children the purpose of this unbelievably wonderful season. Tell them that it all comes back to Jesus Christ and maybe this year read the story of the nativity, or go to church. Either way give pause and Thanks to God for giving us His only Son on Christmas morning to give us the greatest gift of our entire lives the possibility of eternal life.

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