Christmas Party Treats, December 7 Daily Reflections

Yvonne's strawberry yummy

Yvonne's strawberry yum yum

How many holiday parties will you attend this December?  How much food will you consume?  How many dishes and treats do you look forward to at the different parties?  Above you see what is left of  Aunt Yvonne’s strawberry yum yum. Last Thanksgiving she made something else instead, trying to change up the old routine.  I missed that dish so I told her.  This Thanksgiving she told me that she felt so bad all year that  she made it for me this Thanksgiving.  Oh, how I love that strawberry yum yum.

What is your favorite holiday dish or treat?  Is the reason because it is so delicious or because someone you love gave it to you as a child?  Is it because that taste brings back wonderful childhood memories?  Whenever I smell cinnamon bread baking in the oven I am a child on Christmas morning again.  Mom would always bake cinnamon coffee cake on Christmas morning and that smell will always be linked to Christmas.  We also have the old tradition of green bean casserole and the question of who the recipe belongs to my mom or Aunt Mary Kay the mystery still exists today.  It’s not just about the food but about the people who bring it.  All good gatherings usually involve food.

Church is the same way but not many people have that perspective.  We go to Church and gather as a family, regardless of the religion, we are family. We greet each other at the sign up peace and for Catholics we join in the meal and come to the table for the Eucharist.  We are feed and we pray together.  We trust together, we rely on each other’s support, friendship and love that each week we can return to this place of family to be nourished and renewed.  If you have not been to Church in awhile attempt it this Christmas season.  Look around and notice faces you have missed, feel the support of the family, open yourself up to God’s love and pray together.  We are all family and I believe that God loves to see us participate as such.

This Christmas season as you go to parties for family and friends enjoy the treats like strawberry yum yum, made especially for you by an Aunt that loves you dearly.  Appreciate the love you feel from the presence of friends and family and be renewed by the relationships that support and strengthen you.  Christmas parties are not about food it’s just part of the experience of being nurished in the love of God’s family.  Taste it, enjoy it, and take the time to really be a part of it at the parties and at Church this Christmas Season.

I had a few people request the recipe for Strawberry Yum Yum so I asked Aunt Yvonne and she gave it to me.

Pretzel Jello
2 cups  ground pretzels
l l/2 sticks butter
2-8 oz. pkgs. cream cheese
2 cups of sugar
2 pkgs. Dream Whip
2-3 oz. strawberry jello
2 cups pineapple juice
2 small boxes frozen strawberries
Mix 2 cups ground pretzels with l l/2 sticks melted butter.  Press into 9xl2 pan.  Bake l0 min. at 400 deg.
Cream 2-8 oz. pkgs. cream cheese with 2 cups sugar.  Spread over pretzels.
Whip 2 pkgs. Dream Whip (as directed), and spread over cream cheese mixture.
Dissolve 2-3 oz. pkgs. strawberry jello in 2 cups boiling pineapple juice.  Add frozen strawberries to jello.  When mixture starts to gell, spoon over Dream whip. 
Hope everyone enjoys this as much as you do:)

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