Christmas Traditions, December 23, 2014 Daily Reflection

2014 Cookie Baking DAySo many Christmas traditions so little time. But we somehow manage to get them all in there. We go to Huber’s chop down a tree bring it home and usually have to wait a week before we have the time to decorate it. We decorate the inside of our house and the tree together as a family. We must have a gingerbread house day. My children spend the day at my in – laws house. While my husband and I shop for Christmas gifts. I host cookie day, inviting my nephews over to make at least 6 different recipes of cookies which we give away to the neighbors and friends. I always send out Christmas cards and each time we go to the mailbox we are excited and surprised at the new Christmas cards we receive and hang up. We can’t forget all of the Christmas Eve traditions and of course Mass Christmas morning and the elf on the shelf through out the month of December. Then there is also advent, the manager, nativity and Church. December is filled with so many traditions, it is amazing that we are able to do anything but celebrate Christmas!

It may seem overwhelming, it is, but I love all the Christmas traditions each and every year! What is your favorite Christmas Tradition?

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