Christmas Tree Lights, December 19, 2013 Daily Reflection

Christmas tree lights

Christmas tree lights

Each year when decorating the Christmas tree my children enjoy getting out the lights and checking the bulbs. If one bulb is out it can cause the rest of the lights to be out as well.

That is how I taught my students about social structures. When we see a person who is homeless on the street we are only seeing the result of something that occurred way down the line long ago in that person’s history. It started long before he had to beg for money. In order to figure out what happened you have to look down the line of that person’s life and circumstances. However, in our society where instant gratification is praised we don’t research, we assume and suddenly that person is a conman.

The truth of the matter is that many circumstances in life are like a tangled bunch of Christmas lights. They all go out because somewhere on the line there was some type of disconnection. When we ask the question why, and analyze the situation then we can understand and take action to help to rectify the injustice. If only we had the love and compassion of Jesus Christ then we would look at that homeless person as our brother and not an outcast.

In your life how many times have people assumed the worst about you but never stopped to ask why you responded that way in your life? It’s the same thing. Next time you want to jump to a quick unkind conclusion remember the Christmas tree lights and search your heart a little deeper for the real answer or better yet just love that person no matter what. After all that is what Jesus would do.

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