Church, May 7 Saturday Tidbit


When we hear the word Church our thoughts go to the picture above. We go to church, we listen in church, we are a community in church, we leave church. Church is a building where we meet to learn more about God, to embrace our spirituality, to feed us so we can return to the “real” world.

But Church is not really in those walls. Church is actually the people of God; we are in fact the Body of the Living Christ. That building is an essential part of our lives to keep the weather out while we take in more of God. However, we in the “real” world are the Church. Our words, actions, body language, attitudes and life we lead are “Church” in everyday life.

Are you giving God to others through your life or keeping Him locked up inside the brick walls of that building?

Only you can answer that question.

Today, ask it!

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