Church Picnics, May 28 Saturday Tidbit

The Bundt Cake I "won"

Last weekend was my Church Picnic. My family loves going to our church picnic. We set aside our Church money to play the wheels, get ice cream and win the prizes! Each of my children had already won at least 2 prizes each and I, the mom, had won none. I had attempted to win fruit baskets and cakes to no avail. Finally I said to my kids “I want that Bundt Cake!” So I did what adults who have no luck sometimes do when they are determined to get the prize. I handed the person at the booth a $10 bill and said “I want that Bundt Cake.” He responded, “We have a winner!” I picked out my Bundt Cake and was as happy as the child who cannot win and has to go to the Duck Pond to buy a prize.  We enjoyed the Bundt Cake when we returned to the house that night all tuckered out from the family fun!

This weekend consider taking your family to a Church Picnic. They are filled with family fun often a good chicken dinner, tons of booths, prizes and sometimes rides. The money goes towards the supporting the Church so it is a charitable cause. Your kids will love it! Go try to win yourself a Bundt cake and if all else fails pay up and pick out what you want for dessert!!

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