Cleaning, February 12, 2018 Daily Reflection

Birthday parties are starting

Yesterday, we, my children, my husband, and myself did some cleaning. Our birthday parties started this weekend. We have 7 birthdays in 7 weeks from February – March. So, it was time to start the cleaning. Unlike days of old it was very quiet. Almost all of my children had earbuds in listening to their music while they worked. It was strange but it seemed to work. When my house is clean I feel clean! Then the parties can begin. After that the clean up doesn’t take as much time or intensity.

Lent is about to begin which is the time to clean out all the dirt in our lives. It’s the time to reflect on our lives and what is weighing us down with filth and to rid ourselves of it. It’s like a holy cleaning. Today, take some time to think about what is weighing you down in filth and figure out a way to clean it up and out. If you stick to it by Easter it will be crystal clean!

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