Clinging to the edge, July 11 Daily Reflection

Notice the raindrop clinging to the petal about to fall

Gently gliding down the smooth petal the raindrop seems to grasp the edge and not let go as though it has a choice to fall or not. Caught in the moment, frozen in time we can look and wonder did gravity do its part, did it indeed fall to the ground? Or was it absorbed by the petal because it clung so tightly?

We, humans, are also in a state of motion. We glide gently at times and other times we grasp the edge and cling for dear life. We like to control our destiny; will we let go and fall to the ground the way nature intended or will we resist with all our might and stubbornly exist on the edge?

The truth is we have little control in this world. Yes, we control our choices and our earthly destinations. However, God has given us freewill and no matter how much we grasp the edge of our lives with plans for the future, the world around us crashes into us full force daily. It is almost humorous when we finally realize how little control we truly possess.

The edge is not a comfortable place to be in our lives. Often times we glimpse the past while peering over the edge to what appears beyond. We hold perfectly still, unable to breathe, grow or love in an effort not to fall. We have forgotten the sensation of gliding down that smooth petal. We have neglected to acknowledge that we have fallen before from other flowers and landed on this petal in the here and now. Grasping so tightly is honestly a lack of trust. A lack of trust in yourself that you will recover, that others will help you back up and that God has a plan for you greater than you can imagine.

Today, consider the edge that you so desperately are clinging. Then consider what would happen if you let go. If you take a deep breath, open your heart and trust that there is a plan so awesome you cannot even imagine. Today, let go of the edge and let yourself fall like that raindrop was meant to do.

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