Coach Dario, September 20, 2011 Daily Reflection

Coach Dario and my boys

My little boys are listening to their Cross Country coach as he explains to them what this race will be like. They will be running almost 1 mile with 150 other children. Their coach, Dario is sitting on the ground with them not standing over top of them giving them commands. He is down on their level talking with them, answering questions, laughing and best of all at the end he always prays with them. This to me is coaching at its best.

Jake my youngest age 6 said “Mommy, are the football coaches mean; because they are always yelling at the football players.” Jake witnesses the difference between compassionate and rigid, coaching styles. Dario brings kindness, compassion, and understanding to his team. However, he is always helping the runner to better who they are as a child of God. Dario was given a beautiful gift from God; a gift to teach and love children, to be able to capture their own God given talents and to enhance them with practice and hard work. My children all love Dario because they know that he respects them and loves them in return.

In a day and age when achievement, success and pushing children beyond their limits are the norm Dario is a pleasant exception to the rule. He NEVER pushes his kids to win; he teaches them to do their best. Last year his cross country 7th/8th grade boys took the City Championship. Dario doesn’t just coach he helps the children to appreciate their own gifts and to utilize them to the best of their ability. We have found a precious, rare and unique gift in Dario for which my children and I thank God. He has not only made countless children better runners but also more loving children.

Thank you Dario for following where God has led you to the hearts of every child you have ever coached!


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