Colds are Miserable, November 22, 2016 Daily Reflection

Faith helps

Faith helps

I hate sickness! Sickness slows us down, makes us miserable, and irritable. The one great thing about illness is that it makes us appreciate good health. It’s just a cold and a cough but boy it screws up my running schedule, which throws off my dog’s exercise schedule. It makes it more difficult to teach, grade, and do my job at school very well. It makes hugging my children less desirable to them because they don’t want the sickness. It makes food taste bland and everything is off!

Now, that I have finished complaining the best part about illness is the recovery. It is like a self awareness that we rarely acknowledge in life. As we get better we notice how food tastes, how breathing easier is precious, how feeling well is like a God sent gift. Then it dawns on us how many people are sick and need our prayers. How many people don’t recover and how lucky we are to have medicine to soothe our symptoms, help us to sleep, and cure our illnesses. We appreciate living in a 1st world country with available health care, doctors, and the education to know how to handle illness.

A cold may be miserable but at least it makes us appreciative of our many blessings.

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