Come to the table, April 8, 2016 Daily Reflection

Oma's table

Oma’s table

Yesterday evening we had dinner at my in law’s home. My mother in law invited us for a delicious dinner. When we arrived we found the table set so pretty. I felt so special sitting at the table. At my house we only use a table cloth for parties, and we only set out the utensils needed for the meal. It is not very formal but we all eat dinner together at the table. It was so pleasant to sit at a table that had been set for my family and to share a meal that had been prepared with love.

I believe that God has prepared a table for each of us in heaven. God has laid the finest cloth upon the table and set out the best china and silver. God has made an unforgettable meal that will fill us for all eternity. God waits with love in heaven for us to come home to the table. I believe God doesn’t mind waiting until we fulfill our purpose before we come home forever. When we do we will have the greatest feast ever.

Take some time this weekend to prepare a table, and a delicious meal with love for your family. Allow your family to feel special and give them a little glimpse of heaven.

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