Communication, November 15, 2011 Daily Reflection

Communication in progress

Communication takes a person on both ends to be complete.  How often in life do we say “She never calls me. I guess that means she doesn’t care!”? The phone works both ways. If you want to talk to someone don’t wait for the phone call make it yourself. There has to exist a giver and a receiver. Yes, we all want to receive but if we never give no one will want to give to us.

My great grandma who is 94 years old often says “I was hoping you would call me. I just didn’t know why you had not called.” To which I respond “Grandma if you want to talk to me call me.” I can just picture her in her little room staring at the phone just waiting for the phone to ring.

It works both ways!! So if you want a relationship with someone don’t wait for them to communicate first. Make the first move and sometimes the second, third and fourth. If you want the relationship to flourish you have to work on it and not just sit and stare at the phone.

Communication takes a person on both ends to be complete.

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