Community, September 11, 2018 Daily Reflection

Core Values

Community, a feeling of fellowship with others who have similar beliefs or ideas. Yesterday, on the Freshman retreat the students learned all about the amazing community on the Sacred Heart campus. They played with preschool children and found common joy with laughter and smiles. They listened to two Ursuline sisters over the age of 80, talk about their callings to serve God through their order and ministries. They explored the entire campus and heard about the history and tradition of the Sacred Heart Campus that was founded on Lexington Road in 1877. They meditated inside the Mother House Chapel that is 101 years old. During the meditation they could feel the past, and the presence of all those women who paved the way for where they are today. The students listened to their retreat leaders talk about service as a core part of their soul done for the love of others, not to check a box off of a list. They reflected on this short journey with lots of information and passion of others. They learned about community and became a part of the community. Now is the Freshman’s turn to live in community, to serve, to lead, and to respect others not just for the next four years, but for a lifetime.

How do you serve, lead, respect and live in community in your life?

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