Contact with God, July 28, 2017 Daily Reflection

Jake’s hand in mine when he was 3

There are countless ways to contact God. I call that prayer. Many people think when I say that I am Catholic that I must say the Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory Be and other prayers constantly. These are beautiful important prayers given to us by Mary, Jesus Christ, and the Church. They are ways to bring us into a mental state opening us to a pathway to God. They are not the end for me but the begining. As a child connecting with God was as simple as talking or singing to Him in my backyard. Starting the conversation at a young age made it easy to never stop the conversation. I talk to God in the morning on my knees by my bed side, in the van on my way to work, in my classroom, the chapel, and walking down the halls. I talk to God before meals, with my children’s hands folded in prayer in mine, and as I curl up comfy in my bed every night. I am in contact with God through my relationships with others, every time I see the beauty of his creation, when I pet my dog and he brings me joy, listening to my children talk, going to Mass, reading the scriptures, listening to podcasts, running and exercising in the morning, every time I will his good instead of my own. I want my life to be a constant prayer, a flowing conversation with God until the day that I will one day live in his eternal peace forever.

How do you contact or pray to God?


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