Content, September 29, 2011 Daily Reflection

My family...My happiness

In the depths of our souls we yearn to be blissful, content and smiling but what do we do to make this happen? Do we spend more time with family and friends or do we buy something to entertain us? What creates true and lasting happiness?

In my life I am most present with my family when we are away from our hectic life. When we are playing at a playground or relaxing on a blanket under the stars. I am relaxed when I stop and watch the sunset and take a deep breath of the evening air. I am most content when I am sitting with my family, my children and my husband and we are snuggled up to read a book or watch a movie together. My happiness seems to revolve around my family because they are the center of my life and my life line to the deepest love I have ever experienced.

I am incredibly blessed to be the wife of my husband and the mother of our children. My soul is content and my face should show it more often by smiling. I don’t need to be entertained I only need to hear my children playing and laughing together; to feel my husband’s tight embrace and to check on my children snug in their beds each night before I go to sleep. I thank God daily that I am able to live this life with family and unconditional love.

When are you most content, at ease and present in your life?

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