Cookie Day, December 23 Daily Reflection

Cookie Day

Cookie Day

Hands moving, fingers shuffling, a little pushing, lots of excitement, 7 cousins cutting out shapes with cookie cutters: Cookie Day!

A time honored tradition started over 60 years ago in a little kitchen in Detroit Michigan when my mom was just a little girl.  She carried out the tradition when I was little and I have continued it for years now.  Opening my kitchen to flour beneath my feet, pieces of dough stuck to the walls from the mixer being operated by an 8 year old, green sprinkles stuck in the cracks of the table, the dishwasher overloaded and the kitchen sink piled high with mixing bowls, cookie sheets and cooling racks waiting to be hand washed. Not to mention the mess of toys left in the wake of 7 children all jacked up on sugar from devouring untold amounts of freshly baked Christmas Cookies.

Pieces of ribbons scattered about the counter top, scraps from the bows used to tie the decorated plates of cookies with their Christmas Card signed by each of my children.  Then the best part, the tradition my little family started a few years ago, delievering plates of cookies to the neighbors.  Ringing the doorbell, waiting in anticipation of the surprised neighbor by the act of kindness. As the door opens the children say “Merry Christmas, we baked the cookies!”  They each have to list the cookies they helped with, saying each type over top of the other children.  Great big hugs and thank yous “Merry Christmas” says the neighbors.

So ends the cookie day of 2009 and it was a good one!  May your cookie days be as messy, loud, sweet tasting and fun as ours!

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