Cornerstone, January 10 Daily Reflection

A Cornerstone

This cornerstone was placed with the hearts of many into the corner of a church with hope and trust in God that they were giving birth to a new place of worship and breaking ground on sacred soil. It was not just a few pairs of workers hands that steadied that stone, but the efforts of those who had a vision for this simple stone to give rise to a great place where all would be welcome to be a part of a new family of faith. Just a mere 47 years ago it was a vision and today it is a reality, for today there exists a true family of faithful believers that gather at this place daily, weekly and yearly.

The word cornerstone is defined as 1) A stone at one of the corners of the buildings foundation. 2) The fundamental basis of something. There was a vision for this physical stone to be placed and a vision for the idea of Church to come to life within its walls.

What is the cornerstone of your life? What is the basis, the foundation for which you live your life upon? Without knowing what we build our existence upon how do we make daily choices? Some people call it a mantra they think of when they have to make serious decisions in their lives. An example of this is some live by the idea of karma, that each decision you make will come back to you somehow; i.e. be good and good will come to you, be bad and bad will come to you. Some people live a life set by the example of their spiritual leader; Jesus Christ, God, Buddha, Allah etc. They adhere to the teachings and practices of that leader and they base decisions upon those examples. Then there are those who have no idea what their cornerstone is set upon that seem to flounder and live inconsistently talking out of both sides of their mouths. Then there are those who have never looked deeply or tried to understand their reasoning at all.

Like a building needs a solid foundation, a cornerstone, to hold it steady each of us needs that foundation to steady our lives. Without such a foundation we will aimlessly maneuver through our lives without any understanding as to the choices we make daily. We each need to dig deep to the depths of what or who has formed us and try to understand it. We must search out self awareness in order to grow. Living a stagnant life is heavy and harmful to those around us. Without growth life is at a standstill and feels senseless. However, digging deeply is not something people allow time for in our culture of “how many things can you accomplish in 24 hours and sleep cannot count”. The depth at which we search our souls is personal and private but it is an intricate part of becoming the person we are meant to be.

Today, consider why you make the choices you make. Consider who, a spiritual leader, or what a type of mantra you align your thinking with today. Do some soul searching to find that cornerstone and that foundation in your life. Once you have found it decide if that indeed is what you want to base your life upon. This day search out your cornerstone.

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