Country Road, October 27 Daily Reflection


Is he taking a break, just pausing in his endless work day?  Is he pondering the road ahead or is he remembering how many times he has driven that road? Is he taking his first ride on his new farm or is he filled with sadness that this will be his last?  What does the worn gravel road hold for this farmer?

How often do we even pause to give thought to the farmer, your everyday no bells or whistles, no power suit, or corporate businessman, normal “working man”?  The good old country boy that respects God’s creation by working the land.  The one who by the work of his hands produces the sustenance that feeds our bodies; the farmer.

This farmer the one who sits upon the tractor in the picture above is a simple man, not in his thinking for he is very intelligent but in his living.  He is a hard working, quiet honest man.  He does what God has called him to do without any PR or any high praise from society.  He supports his wife and family by rising with the sun and handling the soil of the earth.  He has a strong, silent faith that his children learned by his example.  He is respected and loved by his family and friends and asks for nothing in return. 

He sits on his tractor at peace with his life because he clearly knows what that road has held for him.  The road that God set him upon many years ago brought him to this very moment.  The gravel with it’s awkward bumps of concern, deep dips of not knowing the future and flat distance have helped to form who he is today.  He did not know where the road would lead when he took his first step upon it but he relied on God and his unending faith through all the hard times and clung tightly to his family in all the good.

Not many people give the farmer much thought but sitting on that tractor breathing in the fresh air with the land stretched beyond him, he knows the simple purpose of life.  He holds it deep within the person he has become.  He has what so many search for in the noise and cramped spaces of our high paced society.  He does not have to look for the quiet moments, he does not have to go to a park to find nature, he does not have to step out of the noise of the business world.  He is blessed with the life of a farmer.  He has what so many long for.

Today try to feel that simplicity.  Picture yourself on that tractor.  Looking down that gravel road with the blue skies and green high grass stretched out about you.  Where will that road lead you?  Will you grab on to your faith when you hit the dips in the road?  Will you cling to your family in your happiness?  Can you feel when you breathe that fresh air in God is with you?  What does your road look like that you have walked?  Do you have that peace? 

Step away from the chaos for a moment and search for it; the simple life of quiet strong faith, working for a purpose, providing for others and loving your family.

Such is the life of this farmer.


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