Coworkers, March 9, 2015 Daily Reflection


My Photo studio coworkers from years and years ago

My Photo studio coworkers from years and years ago

This weekend I read a post on Facebook from a good friend of mine. She posted a picture of some of my coworkers from 15 years ago when I worked at a photo studio. Almost all of us made comments on the picture and recalled many of the fun times we had together. We don’t realize when we are working with others the influence they have in our lives.

When I consider all the jobs I have had and the people I have worked with I know that those people have influenced me for good and for bad. I remember one job that I left because I could not stand working 110% more than my coworkers. I also learned from them how important it is to work to your full potential and how to have patience and respect for those who we don’t agree with. I remember other coworkers that were kind, encouraging, and constantly uplifting and how much I wanted to share that kindness with others. I remember the coworkers that were productive and creative and the coworkers who were negative and groaned constantly. No matter the situation, I was influenced by each and every person I worked with in the past. Hopefully I have learned how to be a better employee, coworker, and person in general from these experiences.

What type of coworker are you? Are you helpful, kind, uplifting, encouraging, and supportive? Or are you constantly complaining, negative, discouraging and ready to bring everyone with a smile down? Are you the example of a productive worker, who cares about the company? Or are you that employee that only works when necessary, only caring about your paycheck and nothing more? What type of coworker do you like the most? What type of coworker do you want to be?

Today, reflect on those coworkers who have influenced you to be a better you and those who have brought you down. Think about the lessons you have learned from each of them. Then consider what type of coworker you are and the one you want to be.

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