Creations, October 12, 2011 Daily Reflection

Sound of the waves

It is a constant, a background noise, a treasure; the crashing of the waves upon the beach. It amazes me, lulls me to sleep and beacons me to wake before dawn. It is loud within these walls and bellowing on the beach. It is made from the winds, the tides and the mighty arms of God pushing his creation upon the shore. My children play in its spray, jump those waves, ride them and laugh as they fall into them. God’s creations are as mighty as the roaring, crashing of the waves and as peaceful as the silence of the gentlest breeze.

Today, listen when you walk outside. Slow down and walk slower, listen longer and look for the creation that surrounds you daily that you do not see. Look for the creations of our loving father. Then thank Him for the blessings of such beauty in our lives.

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