Creativity, September 17, 2014 Daily Moment

Cougars for Christ

Cougars for Christ

As a teacher I constantly challenge my students to be creative in their way of thinking, the way they create a skit and especially in their prayers. Creativity brings us out of our comfort zone and gives us the opportunity to see life from a new perspective.

The most important way to be creative is with prayer in my classroom. Not because I want a flashy gimmick to entertain the students. Not because it is more fun. The reason creativity and engaging the class in different prayers is for one reason alone to encounter God. I am a theology teacher not because I am all about the content of the Catholic Church but because I want my students to encounter God.

In our culture it is a rarity to concentrate on God for more than a moment. In my classroom I want to fully concentrate on God. I can teach them documents until I am blue in the face but if they do not experience an encounter with God through prayer then all is lost.

God created the heavens, the earth, mankind and love. I ask that my students use the creative talents God placed within them to connect with God on a daily basis. Creativity can bring us closer to God. I am willing to go the extra mile to bring my students as close to God as I possibly can. My purpose in life is to bring others closer to God and that’s what I do in my writing, my family and in my classroom.

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