Cross This Way, February 16 Daily Reflection

The boulders & rocks

Jagged, rough, smooth and massive, light charcoal and deep shades of gray are the boulders and rocks sitting there upon the sand of the beach. Little pools formed from the splashing spray of the tireless waves, glisten in the light of the gentle sun. Like a gauntlet it beckons me and taunts me “cross me!”

Taking the challenge alone I ascend the first rock then stretched foot to the second and suddenly I retract my step startled by movement between the rocks in a shallow crevice a sharp claw peeks out behind it two beady eyes, a shy crab is hiding from my massive foot. I bid him good day and again begin my little course, moss on this rock and spray from the crashing wave on that one, such a thoughtless move my foot slips into another crevice. I retrieve my balance and am standing erect once more and find myself towards the end of the maze. I have conquered it I congratulate myself and relish the view of the crashing waves upon the oddly shaped rocks.

 Satisfied in my journey I turn to look back and realize I am only half way there. You see I must return to where it all began and retrace my steps or choose to make new ones.

When we feel our journey is complete we have more to accomplish, to find, to explore. You see until the breath in you dies away you still have another rock to step upon yet another way to catch your balance, another place to find your footing. Rejoice in the journeys achieved but know the end is far from sight until God finishes it. You see God beckons to us all come to me and cross this way all the days of your life.

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