Crossing the Bridge, October 17, 2014 Daily Reflection

Spencer & Jake's London Lego Bridge they assembled

Spencer & Jake’s London Lego Bridge they assembled

Sometimes in life we feel as though we have a narrow focus like when we are driving across a bridge or through a tunnel. We stay right where we should focusing on the end of the tunnel. It is important to focus on the end but also on the road, the sides and our environment.

One of the problems with being so single focused is that we miss the treasures on either side of us. If we are crossing the bridge do we glance to side the witness what we are crossing? We cannot be so distracted that we wreck but we should be aware and appreciative of our surroundings.

It’s good to have a focus or goal in life as long as you don’t neglect all the treasures along the way. Today, be aware of the treasures.

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