Cultivating Creativity, January 12, 2018 Daily Reflection

My Desk

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me and in place of it is this open space giving me the ability to breathe fresh air again. In the first three days of my new position I have had the time, space, and freedom to create. I enjoyed my time at my old job. However, each year I was given more responsibilities and it made it difficult to create. I believed at the time that I was cultivating my creativity, especially in the classroom. I did whatever I could to be creative but there was not as much time to think, unless it was in the evening or on the weekends, when I still had work to do, and I was completing my Master’s Degree at the same time. Looking back I felt like a pinball being knocked back and forth between bells. I did the best I could and I was as creative as I could be considering the lack of time, space, and freedom that I was available.

Creativity is cultivated much like a flame, there must be a spark and adequate oxygen. I always had the spark but little oxygen. Sitting in my new office realizing I didn’t have any time constraints, instead only oxygen, the Holy Spirit moved right through me and I have already created a new leadership plan for the students and have started brainstorming some extremely innovative retreats. The feeling I had sitting there open to creativity was like revisiting home again, beautiful, welcoming, full of grace, colors, and an outpouring of love. I am unbelievably appreciate for the opportunity to cultivate the gift God has given me to be creative and I am so humbled that the Holy Spirit is working through me. It is awesome to be available to God’s will!

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