Cutting the grass, June 1 Daily Reflection

My son cutting the grass

I can’t help but remember cutting that same grass when I was 12 years old as I watch my 12 year old son cut his grandpa’s backyard. It’s all a circle truly it is and I love that it has not been broken.

As a child, a tomboy, I waited impatiently for the day I would turn 12 and be able to cut that grass. I wanted to make the big money, back then $15, and it was a big yard. But more than anything I wanted the privilege and responsibility to be that age and cut that grass.

I was so proud and so sweaty in the heat of the summertime sun. I remember wearing my bathing suit underneath my clothes. When I finished I jumped in our 4 foot pool and tried to stay under in that cold water as long as my lungs could hold my breath. The pool is gone now and a refreshing ice cream cone is the cold that cools off my Ethan after a job well done.

It all moves forward, time, age, life and if we are alert and aware we can appreciate the circle and  embrace it; even when it is as simple as cutting the grass.

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