Dad and Son, June 13, 2018 Daily Reflection

Father and Son Working together

One of my very favorite things to do is to listen to my husband talk to our oldest son. They have so much in common. The past three road trips we have taken they have taken turns driving and navigating in the front of the van. They talked about cars, welding, machines, science, and other things I have no interest in. I love to listen to them. Ethan is now the age Aaron was when we starting dating. It’s amazing to listen to Ethan he is so similar to Aaron. They have the same interest, and humor. As his mom it is precious to me to witness them bonding over so many different points of interest. Aaron is extremely close to all of our children, they each have a special bond. But watching him with Ethan at this age is priceless. I thank God for their relationship.

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