Daddy’s Day of Fun, February 21, 2017 Daily Reflection

Nick’s Museum

Yesterday, I was taught how to relax, participate, and not anticipate during Daddy’s Day of Fun. My husband, I, and my youngest sons went on an adventure. We went over the new Prospect bridge and found our way to “Nick’s Museum” it was like a scene from Scobby Doo. It was this abandoned area with lots of odd treasures. We wondered around and met someone who works nearby who told us about how he collects odd things. It was very interesting. We had no plans to go to that museum. None of us had ever heard of the place. We saw a sign on the road and just pulled in, that’s how Daddy’s Day of Fun works. We tried our hand at joining in on a “pickel ball tournament” that turned out to be for seniors only. My husband said, “We will be back later.” Of course it would have to be in 20 years or so. We stopped on the side of the road on Shelby Street and all had to jump out of the van and run to the side of an old school building. That’s where he showed us the name of his great grandpa who helped to build the school. His name was on the corner stone! It was so cool.


Then we went to Bunz a yummy burger place in the Highlands. We ate our burgers down by the walking bridge and then ended up at the Zoo. Our last stop was for an ice cream cone. We returned home to talk all about our fun, unpredictable day!

I did not think about work until the very end of our adventure. I completely got caught up in the moment. I need to have more adventures in life like this it was thrilling, and so much fun, enjoying my husband and my littlest guys! Everyone should take the time to have a Daddy’s Day of Fun!!


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