Be open to God’s Plan: July 8,Daily Reflection

On Wednesday mornings this summer I have been taking my four children and one of the children I babysit to morning Mass.  We live right behind the Church and connected school, so we walk to it.  My children refer to this Mass as short church, as it only takes 30 minutes it is the bare bones, no singing and a very short homily.  Today our priest spoke of how it takes time to develop into the person God wants us to be.  He used Jesus as a reference.  The gospel reading he used today spoke of Jesus specifically sending his disciples out to only jews, he gave instructions not to go to the samaritans or gentiles.  As the priest said even Jesus who was human yet divine grew in his ideas over the length of his life.  So we too should have patience.  We may not yet know where our road will lead to but if we depend on God and are open to his plan we will grow and develop into the person God intends us to be.  We just need to have the patience.  Every mom knows that God gave us moms more patience than anyone else, we just have a tendency to lose  it all the time.  Take a deep breathe today say a prayer for God’s guidance and let Him help you have patience with your children and yourself today.


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