Each Day, August 7, 2017 Daily Reflection

Giving thanks for nature

How are you living each day of your life?
Are you simply going through the motions without thought?
Have you slowed down enough to reflect on how you are living your life?

Think about your day. Is there a time each day that you give thanks for your blessings?
Is there a time that you tell someone you love them? Is there a time when you are truly present and in the moment with another human being? Is there a time that you feel alive, filled with joy and hope for tomorrow?

Each day we should give thanks, give love, give ourselves over to the present, listen, learn, and feel hope. These things don’t have to be big monumental tasks. They can be a prayer of thanksgiving, texting I love you to a friend, putting down our phones looking a person in the eyes and truly listening when he/she talks. It can be going for a walk and taking in the fresh air and appreciating nature. It can be telling yourself tomorrow will be better but today was not so bad. Start little and see if these small elements begin a chain of positive events in your everyday life.

Today, start living each day to the fullest!


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