Depth, July 27, 2017 Daily Reflection


Do you feel like most of your life is lived on the surface?

Our lives are filled with check lists, calendars, and constant chores to do. How often do we put on the list tasks that would lead us to delve below the surface and into the depths of truly living? Is prayer on the list? Is mindfulness, appreciation, contemplation, listening, sitting with another, journaling, reading or understanding?

We don’t want to live a superficial life of checklists but it seems that there is not enough time to fit ‘everything’ in to our lives. What we need to ask is what is the ‘everything’ we are trying to squeeze in? Are we placing meaningful events, time with loved ones, time with God, time to learn, and to care for others, on our lists? We all want to have meaningful lives, we want to live up to our responsibilities to be the best parent, to love others fully, and to be a good friend, and great employee but are we living it?

Today, take some time to review your calendar and check list. Take to prayer which ‘things’ are bringing you to a deeper life and which ‘things’ are taking time away from true depth. Write a new list, even if you can’t do it yet, of how you want your check list to look. Write those things that will bring depth and intentional living to your life.


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