Detachment, November 12, 2014 Daily Reflection

DetachedAs many of you know I am earning a Master’s Degree in Religious Education from Loyola University. I am amazed at all of the knowledge and ideas I have gained over the last year. 

One of the ideas I have studied is about the Ignatius idea of detachment. Ignatius believed that if we are to truly and ultimately follow God then we must not be attached to anything but God. Where we live, what we do and what we have should have absolutely no hold over our lives. We should be open to following God’s direction at any moment. If God wants us to follow a different career path, we should do it. If God wants us to downsize or live in poverty we should do it. We should have absolutely no attachment to material possessions what so ever. Seems like a big request and a counter-cultural way of life in our world that revolves around materialism. Ignatius believed in giving his entire life to God, not just his “religious life.”

Ignatius appears quite extreme in our culture. However, we should learn from him. If we are less attached to things then we are more open to God. If we are less obsessed with our work then maybe we could open our minds to God. If we are less concerned with our appearance we can stop looking at a mirror and see other people’s needs instead. What are you willing to detach from in order to listen and follow God?

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