Did You Thank God Today, June 8 Daily Reflection

My alarm clock

Did you thank God Today?

Did you thank God when you opened your eyes because you were able to actually see your alarm clock?

Did you thank God that you were able to hear your alarm clock go off?

Did you say a prayer for all those with disabilities who cannot see, hear or get out of bed on their own?

Did you thank God that you woke up and have another day to do His will?

Did you smile as you were able to turn on cold running water to brush your teeth?

Did you consider those who have no indoor plumbing when you used your bathroom today?

Did you curse the fact that you have to decide what to eat for breakfast when there are those who eat from a garbage dump daily?

Did you get frustrated when you got in your car this morning to go to work?

Did you consider all those who have no job and are 1 notice away from foreclosure?

Today, truly thank God because no matter how bad you have it someone else has it much worse.

Last night someone somewhere slept on a sidewalk… someone somewhere cannot see and has never known what any color looks like….someone somewhere has never heard an alarm clock, music, voices or chirping birds….someone somewhere went to a creek and washed their body in water that was not fresh clean or sanitary….someone somewhere in Belize is not only eating from the top of a garbage dump but also makes their housing in the rumble filth and rats….someone somewhere lives in her car and doesn’t have a job to drive to or a home to rest her head.

Today, thank God you do not have to scrounge for food in others garbage.

Today, thank God He has given you the opportunity to read, work, see, hear, hold a job and own a computer.

Today, thank God for the life you have right now in this moment.


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