Different Loves, February 13, 2015 Daily Reflection

Candy HeartsThere are so many different types of love in our culture. We have the romantic love we celebrate on Valentine’s day with our soul mate, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or significant other. There is the love we feel for a friend, we are there for that person no matter what happens in life. There is the love we feel for our parents and family, an unconditional and caring love wanting to be their caretaker. There is the love we have for our children, unconditional and eternal. There is the love we have for our neighbors, coworkers, and others. There is unconditional love, temporary love, attraction love, all encompassing love, and selfless love.

Every type of love we are able to express is due to the examples that have been set in our lives from those who have loved us. We witnessed our parents, grandparents, friends and family love us in one way or another.

Today, share the example of your love with all those you love. So, that they too can love others like you love them.

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