Difficulties in life, October 3, 2016 Daily Reflection

lakeWhy is it that we think our lives are supposed to be good, happy, and easy? Why is it that we expect comfort, ease, and pleasure more than challenges, adversity, and difficulties? Did we grow up with easy circumstances, little adversity, and too much pleasure? Were we conditioned by the nature of experiencing such a lovely childhood that we are not prepared to deal with difficulties in life?

It seems that our expectations are set very high that each day will be great, all comments will be positive, and our productivity, of whatever we do, will soar. Even though we face adversity almost daily, the eternal optimist within keeps pushing us to believe that each day should be perfect. The problem with that expectation is that when experiences fall short we face disappointment. I am not saying that in all ways we should lower our expectations. However, I think we should enter our day with realistic expectations. I have been starting each day on my knees in prayer, asking God to watch over my family and friends and to guide me to his purpose, to make God the focus of my day and give him the glory and honor. It is a great way to focus my day. The next thing on my list is to keep life real. I need to expect to give my love to others and be loved by my family. It is good to expect respectful behavior from my students, and their questions. I need to give more of me and expect less from the world. I don’t ever want to have that sense of entitlement that our culture seems to have today.

Let’s face it each day we must be ready to deal with difficulties and adversity. Perhaps, if we have that expectation then we can see them as challenges instead of situations that ruin our entire day. Focus on God and let him help you through the difficulties and adversity and the goodness will shine through the difficult times.

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