Discover, November 9, 2012 Daily Reflection

Pure Love: my daughter and 2 of my sons

Kindness, goodness, compassion, mercy and love…

May we discover, embrace and offer these signs of God’s love for us daily.

In our lives we are constantly pulled down by problems, stress, strain and commitments. Daily we need to reflect on what the true meaning of our lives is all about. It is not about how much we can get done, how much money we can earn, how many things we can accumulate or how powerful we can become. It is suppose to be about how many people we can love, how much we can help others, how we can change the world for the better and how we can serve best the purpose of our lives.

Do not allow yourself to get lost in the everyday weight of our secular world. Instead discover, embrace and offer the gifts of God to those around you through your kindness, goodness, compassion, mercy and love.

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