Discovery, March 14, 2018 Daily Reflection


Discovery begins with awareness. Without awareness there is only ignorance. Ignorance may seem to be bliss however, discovery can bring a true inner joy. We each have parts of ourselves that we don’t want to own or acknowledge. So we suppress or hide them from others and ourselves. That only works for a limited time. Eventually those parts sneak up when we least expect them to in our relationships with others, our faith, and creation. If we want sincere peace of mind we must be willing to dig deeper, to allow time and energy on self-reflection, and to be open to embrace our true self. God created each of us and holds us in his unconditional love. God loved us into being and regardless of what we choose to discover or deny God continues to love us. As a child of God I want to allow God’s love to flow through my life completely. I can’t do that until I discover where I am stuck and how I can move forward. The path of self discovery can be painful but it is worth it to be able to integrate all parts of myself to fully love the person God created.

What part of you do you ignore, suppress, and deny? Every part; the “good” and the “bad,” are parts of who you are. They are parts that have been formed to protect you. You need to accept, embrace, and love each part. Fully integrated every part into who you are as a person will allow you to grow as a child of God. I am not looking forward to the journey but I am stepping one foot at a time onto the path.

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