Do it yourself, December 28, 2011 Daily Reflection

Hardware store

As I was standing in the electrical aisle of our local hardware store it occurred to me how many Americans do it themselves. We do home projects; fix toilets, install faucets, tile floors and decks. We as a middle class are encouraged to save money by doing projects on our own with the help of our local hardware stores. Many Americans do not have the financial means to hire outside people to fix up our houses. So we depend on different resources to teach us how to accomplish these sometimes overwhelming tasks. We visit Google doing on line research, thumb through our handy man books, ask others who have done it before and consult with workers at the store. We exhaust all efforts so we can do our best.

We are good with all the research and work we put into completing a project. Why does that work for home projects but not for other important facets of our lives?

What about our faith? Is there anything truly more important than how and where we will spend our eternity? But how many of us do the research, read the Bible, read blogs supporting our faith beliefs and go to the local hardware stores (Church)?

Don’t we want to know how to build up our faith; how to live out our faith? Don’t we want to achieve the ultimate success becoming as close to God as possible in the afterlife? Don’t we want to be happy in this life? We think things, people and money will bring us contentment but the truth is the closer you are to God the happier you are in life. When you feel the presence of God it is easier to love and appreciate all those people in your life and love them more completely.

Today consider what you need to do to fix that sink and decorate that living room. Then consider what you need to do to strengthen your faith and enhance your love for others. This day consider researching how to do it yourself with the help of God and the many resources He provides for you daily.

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