Do you believe in luck? March 29 Daily Reflection

Clovers that Spencer found

“Mom, I am trying to find a four leaf clover…” Spencer said as he was leaning over staring intently at the grass beneath his feet. “Look mom, I found two different clovers.  Take a picture, mom!”

Spencer was on a hunt for a four leaf clover, hunting for the luck of the Irish! Luck is defined as the chance happening of good or bad events.

Do you believe in luck?

Was it luck that led you to that place where you met your spouse for the first time? Was it luck that your parents chose that house in that area of town that you grew up in? Was it just dumb luck that you were conceived and born to your parents?

God gives us free will and I don’t believe in predestination. However, I do believe God has a purpose for every single one of us. I think he gently pushes us in certain directions, so that our eyes fall upon certain people for a reason. Is it luck, merely good fortune or is God trying to open our minds to some new situations so that we can learn and grow from them?

If you consider yourself a lucky person do you also consider yourself blessed? Can the two go together or are they separate ideas?

Today, take a moment to think about your luck and your blessings. Then say a prayer in thanksgiving to God for all of it.

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