Do you ever stop thinking? August 7, 2012 Daily Reflection

Jake lost in thought

“Mommy, do you ever stop thinking?” My littlest guy asked me. “Actually Jake, my brain never turns off.  I am thinking constantly. Even when I am asleep I am dreaming.” I answered him.

Thoughts; we cannot turn them off. We can refocus them, try to change them, distract them or focus on them. Some of us can actually veg out and think nothing. I have no idea what that is like. I am always thinking something. My kids ask me why people do drugs and I always tell them there is usually a reason. They want to escape reality, abuse, sadness, or they are trying to cope by self medicating. They just want to drowned their thoughts and turn them off. Using drugs temporarily gives them that release. However, when the drug wares off the thoughts are even worse by the new damage they just cost to their bodies, relationships and brain.

We need to call on God He is better than any drug on the street, in a pharmacy or in a cupboard. Giving God our thoughts, our hurt and our pain will not have ill side effects. Instead you will feel relief and goodness. It is true if you can give those worrisome thoughts, those dreadful desires, those painful memories to God He will take them and fill you with His love instead.

The most difficult part is giving it away to God. He is waiting for you. But we are busy. We don’t believe that He can truly take away the hurt. If you believe and you give it to God the healing can begin. God will carry you through it all if you just give it to Him. He can take the pain away and help your thoughts to turn to goodness instead.


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