Do you feel small? February 29, 2012 Daily Reflection

Aaron and Anna look small compared to nature in this picture.

“I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean” – I Hope You Dance by –Lee Ann Womack

We are small in comparison to our world. But we feel like we are the center of our universe because for all intents and purposes we are. It is too easy in our day to day lives to forget that we are just a small piece of the puzzle. Without us the puzzle could not be completed but there are so many other pieces as well. It is very difficult to wrap our minds around the idea that we will one day be gone from this world and it will continue as it always has continued.

As vast as the world is and as small as we are God has a part for us to play. Our challenge is to figure out the part and play it the best we can. We want to make an impression in this life for God in God’s name. What lasting change will you make? Will it be the creation of your children, how you raised them and how they will contribute to the world? Will it be the people who you loved in your lifetime the kindness and laughter you shared daily with others? Will it be the service you did for those who will never meet you but who through your efforts you have bettered their lives in some way? Will it be through something you wrote, sang or performed that will last a lifetime in someone else’s memory? What will it be? What impression will you leave when you leave behind this earth?

“When you get the chance to sit it out or dance I hope you dance.” – I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack. Today, figure out how to dance in your life so that you will delight God with your life!

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