Do You Follow The Rules? January 23, 2013 Daily Reflection

2nd Grade Rules in Jake’s Classroom

This is the set of rules on Jake’s 2nd grade Classroom bulletin board. If only we could follow these rules the world would be a better place. What happens between 2nd grade and adulthood that makes us believe these rules no longer apply to our lives today? Did something change so drastically within us to make us justify rudeness, unkind words and disrespect? Maybe, it is the influence of the world around us.

If you watch much TV then you have seen the saturation of “Reality TV”, which there is nothing real about. So much of it is scripted and directed. However, even when it is not directed the casting agents make sure to put the most volatile people with the most unsuspecting stereotypical people. It is all about the cat fights, yelling, arguments and drama that get the high ratings. Audiences think it is hilarious to see people with no morals or values degrade one another and fight. That is the only reason many talk shows are on in the mornings (You know the ones I am talking about).

Maybe, it is the influence of the video games, the violence and desensitization to the human condition. Many of our children spend hours upon hours of blowing up, killing and dominating others in video games. To our children it is not about violence it is about getting to the next level, the challenge and beating the game. Yet, what they are doing is watching violence and laughing at it without realizing it many times.

Maybe, it is the influence of our society that believes we should say what we think when we think it without thought for the other person.

Between 2nd grade and adult life there are so many negative influences that can sway our morals, values and rules for life. The best way to keep the rules in adulthood is to commit to them for a lifetime. If our children watch us keep the rules, treating others with respect, listening, working and playing safely and choosing what is right then they will learn by our example. They watch everything we do. If we want to raise our children to follow the golden rule for a lifetime then we need to follow it now.

If we believe following these rules will change our lives for the better we need to follow them now.  As much influence as the world around us has on our actions we have the free will to control what we do every moment of every day. Today, reconsider the rules and decide if you want to follow them.

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