Doing Things We Don’t Want to do, January 2, 2016 Saturday Tidbit

2015 Anna put up the angelWe all have to do things we don’t want to do in life. In fact, there are many chores we have to do that we actually detest. One of those chores for me is taking down all of the Christmas decorations. The worst is taking the Christmas ornaments off of the Christmas tree. We put them up in anticipation listening to Christmas music but it is sad when we take them down. We know that the tree will be recycled and our celebration of Christmas will be ending with Epiphany.

Thank God our Christmas doesn’t end with a tree. God gave us Jesus Christ so Christmas is just the beginning of the story of Christianity. There is so much more. Knowing this makes taking down the Christmas tree a little less sad. And of course we keep the nativity up!

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