Domino Effect, April 22, 2013 Daily Reflection


Our lives have a domino effect on the rest of the world. We believe that we are isolated. Our thoughts, feelings and actions have no bearing on other people but in fact they do.

When we choose to talk poorly or gossip about other people, people suffer; those listening and those being talked about. When we lose our temper and scream at another person feelings are hurt and words cannot be taken back. When we choose to be negative the sadness grows.

The good side to this domino effect theory is that when we choose to be positive and kind it will also prompt others to be in a more positive mood. When we witness others doing a good deed we smile. When we smile at someone they smile back. When they smile back for a moment in time there is more happiness and positive thinking in the world.

We can choose what we let out into the world. Today, choose kindness and let the dominos fall where they may.

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