Doubt, July 12, 2012 Daily Reflection

That gray cloud

Don’t you hate that small word? It conjures up paranoid minds and a gray cloud following you around. It makes you question yourself worth. It pulls you down through hopes and slams you into fears.

Every person goes through this emotion no matter how faithful or self assured. Mother Theresa felt doubt about God. Who in our life time seemed closer to God than Mother Theresa? We all have doubts from time to time.

The most important lesson we must learn about doubt is how to climb up from beneath its oppressive weight.

When we feel that doubt, fear and despair we need to find the light, goodness and God in our lives. Call that friend that lifts your spirits up. Pray that prayer that makes you feel God’s presence. Go grab a hug from one of your children, your spouse or a good friend. Settle down with a good book or movie that is positive. Then find some paper and a pen and write down 5 things that you are thankful for in your life.

Doubt will sometimes drag you down but your reaction to it can get you out! Ask for help, call a friend, talk to God and get out from under that gray cloud.


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