Early Birthday Gift, November 19, 2014 Daily Reflection

Phillip Phillips - Concert

Phillip Phillips – Concert

It was an amazing concert!!! Most people who know me well know how much I love Phillip Phillip’s music. I saw him in concert last year for the first time. He was opening for a band. My husband paid full price for the tickets for us to just see Phillip Phillips. This year he came back and was the headliner. Instead of him playing for 30 minutes he played for 90!!! We were in the front row. Not many people stood and actually danced to every song. Of course I did! He smiled at me when I was really dancing to Gone, Gone, Gone… just the way I did at the Junior Prom last year. I love Phillip Phillips music, his voice and most of all his authentic love for music. He gets lost in the song and he doesn’t care what his facial expressions are or how he looks. I feel the same way when I dance. It was so much fun to get lost in the music right there when was being made and sung by Phillip Phillip’s.

What do you do that allows you the freedom to not care what others think about you? It’s music for Phillip Phillips, dancing for me and what for you?

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